My First Epi-Pen

Last week I had the unfortunate opportunity to give Charlie his first epi-pen. It was my first too! Since we received them 15 months ago I have often wondered if I would be able to actually stab my son in the leg. There were so many questions, would I be able to do it? would I miss the leg? would I do it properly? and all of those questions were answered thanks to Charlie’s ability to spot random food and his inability to decide that old old toast is something he probably shouldn’t eat in the first place. Starting at the time my friend Sarah spotted him eating random food I worried about that epi-pen. Something told me today would be the day. Once he started complaining about how hot he was (and he was noticeably hot) I knew it was coming and I worried about delivering that fast punch to the thigh. Then something happened. He vomited. All over the 2 of us and it wasn’t a question of what to do. Epi-pen came out, Sarah held his arms and head (thank you!) and medicine administered all without a second thought. It was like I had given 100 epi-pens at that time. I felt like a nervous wreck and a super hero all at the same time. I hope I never have to be a super hero again, but it helps to know that I CAN do it.

Charlie and I after coming home from the hospital, he’s been cleaned up and changed, I’m still covered in vomit.


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