Poop Happens

I hate poop. It is my Achilles heel. I use way too many wipes to change diapers in fear I may get poop on my hand and the very thought if a child pooping in the tub gives me nightmares. My dislike is probably better classified as an irrational fear than anything else.
Other than your typical baby blowout, I feel I have been very lucky in the poop department. Charlie has pooped in the tub but never under my watch and no one has taken a poopy diaper off and played with it. Our house has remained poop stain free for 4 years! That is until last night. Molly didn’t take off her diaper but she did manage to get the out of her diaper and then to rub it on the nice, somewhat new, light tan colored carpet. Ugh. I wanted to cry.
So there I sat, 9 pm, staring my nemesis in the face. First things first, Pinterest. Of course Pinterest had the answer, is there anything that site can’t do? I thank you, Living Aloha, for your insight into cleaning poop. Borax and hot water blotted that mess right up and I even got to bed at a somewhat decent hour with no panic awakenings of a poop-filed house.


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