Weekly Wrap Up

I’m tired. Beyond tired. I got lucky and got a great night out last night with the best friends I could ask for. It included wine and great conversation which is literally just what our therapist ordered (I love our therapist!). Late to bed of course means one of the children will need me at 1am. Last night it was Molly. She wet her bed and I, in my zombie state, thought bringing her to our bed instead of changing her sheet would get us all back to sleep faster. At 3:30 I realized I was wrong. Worst. Idea. Ever. New sheet was put on her bed and everyone returned to their rightful place, only to have my alarm go off at 6:15.  I’m newborn tired.

This week Molly attended VBS with several of her friends. There was music, there was bright colors, there were activities and commotion and a microphone. We then endured upwards of 45 minutes of screaming and crying and fit throwing after bible school everyday. She dried up her “well” of sensory tolerance by noon and my emotional well was dried up by Tuesday. It’s been a long time since we have had extended temper tantrums and they seem to just keep coming the further into summer we get. This week was bad. By Thursday I was doing my best not to tear up as I put a screaming 4 year old into our car and relied on the help of friends for my 2 year old. I just can’t handle both of my kids when one is violently screaming. I wish she could just say what it is that sets her so off, but it’s probably as much of a mystery to her as it is to me. When all is said and done she is excited to go back the next day, so I take her because I know in some way it is what she needs and endure what I know will come when she is picked up.

On a good note, she pooped on the potty! Just once and didn’t repeat the behavior, but she did it once. Big step. Although I offered her a cookie today if she pooped on the potty instead of in her diaper and she declined. *sigh* there’s always tomorrow.

Charlie made it through another week without finding random old food to snack on so I’d say he had a successful week. We like it when his weeks are uneventful.

A big cheers to the end of this week!


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