All About The Wild Card

From here on out, my goal is to devote a day of the week to telling you about each kid. Whether it be about the ailments that afflict them or the antics they’ve cooked up recently. I’ve decided to be clever and alliterate and make Wednesday = Wild Card Wednesday. 

So let’s start with why he is the “Wild Card”. The nickname really comes from the fact that Stampy and I are big It’s Always Sunny fans. Love that show. That Charlie is known as the Wild Card in his antics and it just seemed to fit our Charlie as well. The boy who is always smiley and even tempered, well just wait until we go to a preschool Christmas recital and he will scream his head off. The boy who loves to sit and the table and eat, eat, eat, well just wait until a holiday or special occasion dinner and he will scream his head off. Do you have an old piece of peanut butter toast lying around?? He’ll eat that just to add some excitement to our day. Is there a 1/100 chance your urethra will close up after hypospadias surgery? (note: not a real statistic) Charlie will have that going on too so you have to trek to Johns Hopkins Hospital at 11pm ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. He is just all about the unexpected, the element of surprise, and the surprises just keep on coming.


Photo by Jenna Main Photography

That’s ok, I don’t mind putting up with his antics because look at that face! or this one
You really just can’t help but to smile.

Somehow he makes waking up at 5:30am seem pleasant. He’s just that guy. I’m guessing he’ll either be voted most likely to end up in the ER or Class Clown in high school. I’m really hoping for the latter because I’m tired of going to the ER. I think 4 times in one’s life is enough. But, he’s our wild card so I’m sure there will be more in his future.


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