My Village. My Strength.



  I started to give up. My friends deserved a much better post than I was giving them. A week went by that I sat staring at this picture, with that tag line “My village. My strength”. It’s how I felt in my heart, but I felt like I captured More in those four words than I could capture in several paragraphs. The problem was bigger than writers block. The problem actually wasn’t a problem at all, it was because my village is bigger than these 7 pairs of feet.

These feet belong to most of my inner circle. The people I cherish more than anything. I love their families and they love mine. We are so lucky to have each other. These are the friends you can do anything with from doing headstands on the beach to crying over wine and everything in between. These are the friends that make you laugh harder than you have ever laughed, think harder than you have ever thought, and be be better than you ever thought possible. However, they already think you are perfect the way you are. I strongly urge you to get some of these friends if you don’t have them. Then I strongly urge you to keep in touch with them. Honor the friendship and do things that strengthen it, that keep it together, that allow you to know each other in a deeper sense. You can truly belong. I love these girls.

However, I’ve allowed myself to branch out. To move away from the inner circle I felt so comfortable with. I let myself become vulnerable to others, to know others and let them know me. I let myself strike up a conversation with someone I barely know. I let them in and in return, they have let me in. With these friendships I have felt the warm embrace at difficult times with Molly, I have felt the acceptance with text messaging asking about safe foods for Charlie, I have been offered safety for my children, and I have felt the joy of moms who also like to drink wine at 2 PM on a Saturday during a play date. 

Each one of these friendships makes me better, makes me stronger, makes my family greater. My kids know a world of comfort and safety. They know community, they know caring, they know a family that extends past their family. That is a tremendous gift.

I can’t go through and thank everyone personally. But know, you are my village. You are my strength. I hope I can return the favor.


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  1. I for one am glad you struck up conversation:) Wine and a play date may not sound like its a good combo but really, it is.

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