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We Went to a Birthday Party (sort of)


Birthday parties are fun. Or birthday parties are a day of high anxiety for the Mollinator and I. This time we had a trick, headphones. Thanks to our OT we had this handy trick to shut out the outside world and it’s strange sounds. Typically, birthday parties go like this: Molly gets really excited to go, we get there, and I spend half the time trying to get her in the door, then the other half trying to peel her off of me, cake is served and we go home. Thanks to the headphones, my Mollinator agreed to go into the bounce house fun land and begin to maneuver around the non-bounce house games. For twenty minutes she played by herself, but was happy and not clingy. Yay! Success! Then she met a 6 year old girl to play with. Yay! Double Success! Then cake and ice cream. Did I mention she left my side for 10 minutes??? Now, she didn’t talk to any of the kids from her class or the birthday boy but I guess we should accept the fact that she entered the party as a step in the right direction.

I may take stock in headphones.