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Full Sensory Painting


My creativity is pretty low today, but that’s ok because Molly requested to paint. She is a sensory seeker needing to touch, smell, and immerse herself into whatever it is that she’s doing. Today, full face painting! This can give us peace for at least 20 minutes. 20 minutes! That is 20 minutes without frustration, without hearing “MOMMY!”, and without high pitched screaming and/or crying. (The screaming commences once in the tub, apparently water is unfit for full body immersion.) It is the 20 minutes I love during the day because everyone is happy.

Do you have a sensory activity that you love?


My Pharmacy Rocks


I was up again last night with Molly, it’s been a looooonnnngggg week. Today was the church service that concluded VBS. On Thursday I filled a prescription for Valium for a dental appointment. This morning in between orders of “hurry up!” and “for the 100th time, please eat your breakfast”, I received the above text. It’s time to refill my Valium. Oh, Target, you know me way too well.