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I am important

I have enjoyed over the past week reading why a bunch of moms can’t find the time to work out or don’t have wash board abs, toned muscles and gorgeous hair. It’s taken me awhile to get to my excuses posted because I have a gazillion reasons why I don’t look like a super-fit mom, but I’ll keep to the short list.

  • I gained 60 lbs with my first pregnancy, 45 with the second
  • Nursing did not lose the baby weight
  • I work full time
  • I balance my work schedule with Molly’s OT and Counseling sessions
  • Charlie had surgery at the age of 1
  • Charlie has been in the ER 4 times for falling off furniture, a blocked urethra, and 2 allergic reactions
  • We have “homework” for both therapies and for Pre-K
  • We have to eat, so I have to make it and shop for it
  • I LOVE to sleep
  • I LOVE to eat cake, ice cream, cookies, pie…
  • I’d rather sit on the couch and eat at the end of the day
  • I want to relax and drink coffee in the morning
  • I have to manage shopping, cooking and planning for Charlie’s allergies

This list could go on and on. Here’s the deal, DESPITE all of these excuses, I eventually lost the baby weight and even just ran 7.3 miles for a race. Because that’s all they are. They are excuses, not reasons. It’s about priorities and I have to make myself a priority. It took almost 18 months after Charlie was born to lose all the weight and I still don’t have wash board abs. Why? Because I don’t need them to be a good mom, but I do need the physical activity to make me a better mom. I can hold Crow in yoga, but my arms aren’t perfectly sculpted. I’m pretty sure at some point someone replaced my armpits with that of a 300 pound person. It’s not about what I look like though it’s because I function better with the physical outlet. It’s just how I relieve stress. I also find that it’s more excusable to wear yoga pants everywhere if at some point I have worn them for yoga. And I do wear them everywhere.

I spend the day making sure everyone’s needs are met. From my family to work, I am constantly answering the complaints of others and making them better. I would count on Stampy to make me feel important but this is the same guy who took costume jewelry out of his pocket and said “I got you something” to propose. Seriously. So, I make the choice to say “I am important”. I make the choice to take care of myself and occasionally put my needs first. I take care of myself so I can take care of others effectively. And if nothing else, it gives me an hour to myself. When I can’t even take a shower or pee by myself at least I can get on the road and run by myself. And as much as I can (and will) complain about Stampy, he gives me the opportunity to better myself week after week.

That being said, maybe yoga and running isn’t your thing. Maybe physical activity isn’t your thing at all. What the activity is isn’t important, what is important that you do what makes you happy. That you give yourself some time to be healthy and to praise yourself (Look what I can do!). Make yourself a priority, take time to take part in your hobbies, just get a breath of fresh air with some friends that doesn’t include a playground. I think if we can put ourselves first once in awhile, we can find happiness and the ever important message that “I am important”.


It also helps to surround yourself with people who love what you do…. whether we are running, doing yoga or drinking wine we always have a great time.


I ran a marathon…. relay


That’s me, waving and smiling after running 7.3 miles. Crazy. Even crazier is the fact that I’ve probably never run more than 4 miles in my entire life and no more than 3 in my adult life. Did i I’m a terrible runner. I did it to prove something to myself but I also learned a lot on my journey (probably because I had a lot of time to think while I was running).

Here are a few things I learned from running:
1. Stupidity is contagious. Apparently when you voice your desire to run a long distance you instantly have 3 friends that are willing to do it with you. And everyone thinks it’s the best idea we’ve ever had.
2. When you sign up and pay money for something AND have people counting on you, it’s a lot easier to follow through.
3. I’ve moved from being a terrible runner to a slow runner and for the first time ever, I’m ok with that.
4. My kids love the playroom at the gym. In fact it’s one of the few places I can mention to get them to get their shoes on and out of our house in a timely fashion.
5. My husband actually knows something. Although I was hesitant to trust my runner husband to make a program for me, he did it, I followed it and it worked. 1 point for Stampy.
6. Running keeps you regular. Sometimes while you are running.
7. Running uphill gives you a butt. My town is all uphill. I can no longer fit into the skinny jeans that yoga blessed me with because I now have a big ass. I’m ok with that. In fact, I’m more in love with how I look after 2 kids than I’ve ever been in my entire life.
8. It feels good, really good, to do something for yourself. It’s a sense of accomplishment no perfect meal or craft time can give you.
9. This would’ve been much better if followed by some day drinking instead of running home to care for the kids. It also would’ve been better if the family had seen me finish. Maybe next year.
10. The same amnesia you have after childbirth, you have after running. I do remember thinking at mile 4 of 7 that I will never do this again but 24 hours later I’m considering a half marathon. Considering it.