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My New Gadget: The Mighty Handle

A little secret about me: I love to grocery shop. I could (and do) spend way too much time and money in the grocery store. Lord help me if I ever venture into one of those high-end stores like Whole Foods or Wegmans because it never ends well for my check book… or waistline. One of the things that keeps me in check is the walk from the car to the house with the bags. For one, I have a gate to go through which requires needing a free hand that I can lift over 4 feet in the air to unhook the latch and therefore I can’t make it from the car to kitchen in less than like 6 trips. It really becomes the brain teaser of how to get the fox, chicken and corn across the river. Add in a 2 year old and 4 year old and I’m frazzled before I’ve even unloaded anything. So, when the good people at Mighty Handle asked if I would like to try out their product, I jumped at the chance.

I’ve actually used it twice before commenting on it. Really because I just couldn’t believe I carried 3 gallons of milk and a gallon of juice plus all my other groceries into my house in 1 trip, so I had to use it again. And it worked. Again. It claims it can carry 50 pounds, and I believe it. I also love the fact that I easily kept 4 tiny hands from pawing through my groceries thanks to it’s ability to twist and close all the bags. I will say that this blogger was curious why everything was still so heavy on my first usage, until my husband pointed out that I was carrying close to 40 pounds in one hand and that it wasn’t an “anti-gravity magic handle”, just a mighty one. Then I felt mighty for being able to carry 40 pounds in one hand. I don’t think ego-booster is on it’s list of merits, but maybe it should be! (I may or may not be flexing after typing that). In the short 2 weeks that we have had the handle here, it has already become a household friend. The kids like to pretend it’s an anchor, a Captain Hook hand, a tennis racket, a clothes hanger and a pterodactyl. They’ve been pretty rough on it and it’s still looking brand new. Now that I’ve said my piece, I thought I would let the handle speak for itself.
ImageTo get one yourself, you can go to Amazon (it’s a 2 pack!) or if you want it in the stores go here to vote for WalMart to put it on the shelf.


How Molly Will Save My Fellow Shoppers

I have a real problem. It’s of the farting kind. It’s not your typical several farts a day kind of problem, it’s several an hour. If I and the others around me are lucky. I should probably be checked out by a doctor, but it’s entertaining. I’ve been able to get away with it for a long time, thankfully to a best friend that lost her sense of smell and a husband who wooed me with dutch ovens. Not really, but he did it often enough you would think I liked it. I also fart in stores. That smell you get when you walk down an aisle but no one is there, that was me. Sadly, these days are coming to an end.


Because my daughter has the sense of smell of a blood hound. And she announces that things smell. LOUDLY. She can smell things that no one else can smell. Sometimes I wonder if she is just saying she smells something for effect. However, it only took once twice, er…. half a dozen times for her to out me in the store before I learned my lesson.

So, my fellow shoppers rejoice! The crop dusting has ended but be warned for she may call you out one day.


She smells something and she doesn’t like it