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10 Ways 30-Something Parties are not 20-Something Parties

Over the weekend I got the chance to live it up in honor of two of my oldest friends. It had been a long time since we had a big joint birthday get together for the two them. In fact, it’s probably been since high school. As I sit here 24 hours after nursing a massive hangover, I’m realizing that a lot of things have changed since high school. Or even going to parties in my twenties. So, I’ve compiled my list of how hanging out with my friends now has changed in the past 15 years. 

  1. Hangovers. At what point did I switch from being able to down some Gatorade and ibuprofen to not being able to stomach even water? I was pretty sure I was going to die for about the first 8 hours I was awake yesterday and I drank probably a fourth of what I would have at 24 years old.
  2. I googled a bar to make sure it had food. My 20-something year old self would not have been so concerned about eating to keep myself from turning into a hot mess. Yet, some how I still did.
  3. Birds and Babies. Now, with so many of us married and procreating there is always someone that brings their child. We’ve been that couple. Sometimes it’s worth it to see your friends. But who brings a bird?? Apparently 30-something parties people bring birds. Then get mad if you touch it.
  4. Dancing. I can remember dancing a lot in my 20’s. That doesn’t happen anymore. There was music, but no moves.
  5. Ending times. It is now acceptable to leave a party before 11 PM and sober. Not that I did that, but other people did.
  6. Sleeping arrangements. Now it’s hotels or going home. No longer sleeping on a floor with a towel for a blanket is deemed appropriate.
  7. Drinks. At some point 30 packs of Bud Light and a bottle of Arbor Mist have switched to 6 packs of “nice” beer and bottles of fancy wine. 
  8. Bathroom Trips. We have moved far from the group ventures to the bathroom. Apparently since we are moms now we relish the moment we get to pee alone.
  9. Party games. No beer pong or flip cup or cards. 
  10. Walk of shame. Instead of going home in the same clothes, it is leaving the hotel in your pjs pants (hangover) and boots because you can’t pack while kids are distracting you.



Why I Shouldn’t Garden

For several years Stampy and I planned on having a garden. The idea sounded wonderful. Lots of fresh veggies, maybe some fruit bushes, and lots of fun working out in the sun. Oh, and the kids! How the kids will love our garden. How could things possibly go wrong having a family garden?? Everyone helps, everyone gets to benefit in so many ways from the responsibility of having our very own garden. It’s like we forgot who our kids were. We were just like our bright-eyed bushy-tailed selves deciding to have kids in the first place. Stampy built us a great garden space and I took over planning what vegetables we would grow. The kids were 18 months and 3 1/2… they didn’t realize anything was going on other than the fact that there was dirt to play in!! We are now 2 years into gardening and I’ve realized that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn’t garden.


10. I hate weeding. Seriously HATE. This is why I don’t do flower beds. Apparently weeds don’t have a preference between flowers or vegetables.

9. I work full time, I have 2 kids, a house to clean and a garden. I’ll give you 3 guesses which comes last on the “Things To Do” list. (hint, it isn’t work, kids or house)

8. I spent more time saying things like “Not the green ones! Pick red tomatoes!” or “You’re stepping on the lettuce!” or “Stop throwing grass clippings at each other” or “do not use the tomato stakes as swords” than actually working in the garden.

7. I hate bugs. However, bugs love me. It’s not a good relationship. They even bite me through my pants.

6. I didn’t plant any squash this year yet I have more squash than I know what to do with. I planted 4 pepper plants and have no peppers. Today I found a pepper plant growing in the watermelon plant (also not something I planted this year) and I pulled it thinking it was a weed.

5. Not having time to weed means not having time to pick vegetables.

4. Not having time to tend to the garden goes along with not having time to can, freeze, sauce or any other kind of preserving that goes along with having vegetables. However we have 8 tomato plants. I didn’t do the math.

3. I don’t actually understand how to maintain plants. I sort of just thought I would plant them, they would grow, produce vegetables and that would be it. Apparently there is watering and pruning involved.

2. I spend more time on Pinterest, pinning things for the garden than I do in the garden

1. Our kids won’t eat vegetables.