I got the Pinterest guilt

I haven’t written in awhile. Life picked up the pace on me. Work got busy, birthdays came and went, the weather got nice. During all that, Stampy and I have been having some quality time. I guess you can say I’ve been too busy living my life to write about it. But something happened to me today that I feel has happened to others, so I thought I would share. I felt the Pinterest guilt.

Tomorrow is Charlie’s Easter party at school and I’m one of the party moms. Naturally, I volunteered, or really stated, that I would bring the snack. Being the mom of a food allergy kid means I will always “volunteer” for that job. Up until today, I just assumed I would make cupcakes with pastel Eastery colored frosting. That sounded easy. I didn’t search recipes online or in cookbooks, I just planned on making chocolate cupcakes. Then today hit. I started at work at 7:30am, managed to finish up with just enough time to drive the mile to Molly’s school to for our parent/teacher conference, then to home for a quick lunch and out the door for a play date. Once we got home I was just too pooped to make cupcakes and frosting. So, I headed to Pinterest. Big mistake. Huge. After looking at numerous fun sweet treat options, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have the time, energy or ingredients to make anything other than cupcakes or brownies. Brownies were the easier choice so BAM! brownies it was. Only something happened after I decided. I kept thinking that brownies just weren’t enough. How could I make brownies better? How could they be more Easter-y? I literally spent a good ten minutes contemplating this fact and starting to feel worse and worse about my decision to bake brownies.

Luckily, I snapped back into reality. I felt bad about making homemade brownies. I realized I hit a new level of crazy. A new level of mom-perfection guilt. I’m not even sure who I was trying to impress with anything. I’m taking food to twelve 2-3 year olds. I’m pretty sure that they don’t care what they get. I could probably give them anything that contained chocolate and/or sugar and they would be happy. So, I made brownies. Delicious, gooey, chocolately brownies. And I feel good about it.

I will continue to internet hoard though, because I do love Pinterest.


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